Download google DUO for android and ios

It is the Conference of I/O that Google introduced Duo, its new application of messaging, as well as Duo, a video chat application. Both promise encrypted conversations, according to Google. Screenshot Hangout greatly enhanced and dedicated to mobile, Duo allows several things in discussion with your friends. For example, it will be possible to increase size of messages to show your enthusiasm. You can download duo for Sharing the photos (which you can change) will be simplified. other functionality: automatic replies. Each question of your contact, automatic replies will be offered. Perfect for small slackers. Ultimate retail, automatic replies will be even proposed on the photos, Duo analyze indeed photos. screenshot Google Wizard will be fully integrated in Duo. Thus, it will for example possible to book a restaurant directly in a conversation. It will be also possible to directly exchange with Google Wizard, ask him the results of your favorite team and even play games with. screenshot the application, entirely dedicated to the mobile, will be available on Android and iOS this summer. screenshot designed as the video part of Duo, Duo proves interesting. All works as Duo… but on video. Nevertheless, Duo offers an interesting feature called Knock Knock. The principle is simple: the video already before turns even that you pick up. How so is it translated? You can see in the video presentation of Google.

Score hero release date

With the release Friday of the Score hero (mobile game), we also received with open arms to the consumer of the virtual reality headset Edition Gear VR.

This edition of VR Gear is compatible with several ‘smartphones’ company (as opposed to the former, which were only compatible with a specific model) and has an affordable cost (100 euros). In addition, Samsung has decided to give it to those who have “pre-bought” Galaxy S7.

The virtual reality headset for Samsung, which works with a mobile phone, is far from the advanced desktop experiences that propose live HTC, Oculus or PlayStation VR, as we saw a few weeks ago. It is an advancement that score hero will become, as in his day early video games were the prehistory of what are currently living in Android , Xbox One or PS4.

However, the experience is amazing and more than satisfactory, because the surround it is virtual reality. Gear VR works very well, although their control systems are limintan to traditional command and, more generally, to move a pointer with the head, interact with the ‘trackpad’ of the town.

Without a doubt, these video games are something that any fan of video games, at least try. For this reason, coinciding with the launch of the Galaxy S7, we wanted to recommend some games that have liked us to Gear VR.


It is an interesting experience that would be impossible in another system that is not virtual reality. It would not make sense, at least, because the level of immersion is the key to Land’s End. This game is only controlled by the look – the ‘trackpad’ is used to take screenshots – and can be enjoyed by any person, whether or not previous experience with video games.

Within a few years his simple proposal will look like the “prehistory” of virtual reality, but today is a great way to see what this technology can do for a surround experience, but affordable. Without a doubt, a title that any owner of Gear VR must play.

Land’s End is the work of a Ustwo, the Studio behind of score hero hacked , one of the best games that have been made for mobile devices. It is a wonderful experience and one of the first purchases a Gear VR owner must do.

Chartered accountants for doctors in chennai

Raúl Castro yesterday gave his first press conference with the international media. He did together with Barack Obama. When it was over, after 56 minutes of statements, questions and answers – in which the Cuban I need his foreign, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, Chartered accountants in chennai Minister to rise twice the stand to “tattle you” responses Castro seized theObama doll and tried the two appear caught in hands, arm raised, in a symbolic picture. And then something strange happened. Obama left his arm completely flaccid,and the Chartered accountant in anna nagar  victorious gesture of Castro became an embarrassing, bizarre action, and without any grace. It was the bizarre climax of a press conference in which the two leaders gave image of an excellent chemistry, after a meeting of two hours, that discussed lifting the U.S. embargo, the lack of freedom in Cuba, the peace process in Colombia, the fight against drug trafficking, and economic and political crisis in Venezuela. And Obama reflected the new bilateral relationship with categorical sentences: “the fate of Cuba not will be decided by us or by any other nation. Cuba’s future will be decided by the Cuban people”. The US President said that “we cannot force to change things in any particular country. Changes must come from within”, said Obama.Bushera of ‘regime change’ is definitely behind.” We have taken the first steps. Enough is to be the first”, Raúl Castro said in relation to the bilateral thaw initiated in December 2014. “And I’m sure that will be able to live peacefully in an atmosphere of collaboration as we are already doing,” condemned. Thus, US and Cuba seem to launched into an improvement in relations, although political differences remain. Embargo continues, USA arises or the requirement of Havana return Guantánamo and, inpolitical terms, remains a chasm between the two countries.

Nikon D500 and Canon EOS specifications

The two devices share many characteristics, like the one to be “traditional” SLR with an optical sight. On each, it covers 100% of the field with 1 x magnification. Side sensor, Nikon D500 price and offers and Canon EOS 7 d Mark II incorporates both APS – C models,with the slight difference of historic size between the two marks, which leads to a correction factor of focal length of 1.5 for the Nikon and 1.6 for the Canon. Bothdisplay a definition of a little more than 20 Mpx: Unlike some units after the decimal point will certainly not be a criterion of choice between the two aircraft.

In burst mode, they are both able to reach a speed of 10 FPS and are the distinguished by their autonomy of 200 images, regardless of the file format for Nikon D500, or on an unlimited number of JPEG but only 31 RAW on the barrel. Sideconnectors, the two boxes are also well filled, with USB 3.0 ports and headphone andmicrophone for video outlets.
These are certainly two high-end devices that have arguments to both seduce thephotographer wealthy amateur than the professional who needs speed and longlenses. But if the barrel is not argument, to the set of comparisons, he won practicallynowhere.
A gap year
As if Nikon has been slow to exit a worthy replacing in the D300s, it must admit thatthe mark has tended his announcement and presents a model of cutting-edgeperfectly in tune with the times. Autofocus module to 153 collimators, including 99 onthe cross: the 7 d Mark II yet properly equipped (65) takes a slap. Since the Nikonintroduces a range of sensitivity of-4 it at + 20, suggesting to excellent performancein low light. Speaking of low lights, the sensitivity range is also much broader since itextends to 51 200 ISO in normal mode, against 16 000 barrel. And if we imagine although these extreme values, the results will be not dazzling, it will be interesting to compare the two devices on smaller but more frequent of a few thousands of ISO values will be giving discounts..

Both models display screens displayed little more or less the same dimensions, butwith a definition more than doubled on the Nikon which is paid in more luxury tooffer a touch operation and hinges for a vertical tilt. Faced with this, Canon offers that a traditional model that has to its advantage the argument of strength, particularlyimportant on this range of products.

No, really, with its free Wi – Fi and NFC, Bluetooth audio generation and lifestyleSnapBridge, its ability to shoot in 4K UHD (even if the duration is very limited) anddespite all this autonomy double than the 7 d Mark II, one wonders what could notgive the advantage to the Nikon.
Except of course if the built-in flash is an indispensable element for your eyes, or youalready own a fleet of Canon accessories too important to consider to change brands.

Ah yes! There is another criterion that you almost forget to include in a comparison:the price. Announced for March 2016, Nikon D500 should be sold €2,300, or 30%more than the Canon EOS 7 d Mark II. An argument that can tip the balance.

The challenge of the test will be whether the performance gain is sufficiently tangible to justify the additional investment.

Link to download pokemon go apk

The Pokemon games have always been a hit as they offer a different kind of gameplay and customizable options.The new Pokemon:GO game is expected to be stylish and way different from the previous versions of the Pokemon game and will launch by mid 2016 as per reliable sources.The main difference is that the game is going to be released for Android & Apple iOS rather than the usual 3DS.This will reach out to more people and increase the popularity of the game even is the link to download pokemon go.

Pokemon has been trending since childhood , it has been one of the most successful animes ever made and it has gone the same way for the Pokemon games too.All the games offer great options , varied strategies and different exquisite pokemon.The most selling games were the Pokemon X & Y and the Pokemon Black & White 2 Versions.Both of them were a top hit and the next big thing will be here soon.It’s called Pokemon:Go download and is expected to release for all smartphones and offers a virtual connection between the user and the Pokemon.

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